Maya Chajulense Association (AMAChajul): Committed to Development

Maya Chajulense Association (AMAChajul),  is Bright Star Philanthropy Partners new shared value Education and Community Development initiative in Chajul, Guatemala. AMAChajul Directors are Manuel Laynez, Mateo Canay and Esteban Yat.

AMAChajul.  Bright Star Philanthropy Partners and ADPGUA collaborated to provide a Mother’s Day celebration for 350 mothers and their young children who are not attending school.

18274919_10156152683129129_20423851405785061_n children snacks

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A clown show, traditional Ixil dances, surprises, basket gifts for the mothers, frisbees and other toys for the children, songs and games made for a celebration enjoyed by 350 mothers and their young children who would not have been able to participate in other Mother’s Day celebrations. A nutritious drink and snack were provided for all the mothers, children and performers.

Maya Ixil Chajul Scholars are sponsored by AMAChajul.  Twenty four scholarship students attend 7th grade evening school.  The AMAChajul Education Casa provides enrichment, internet, tutoring and vocational skills training to the Maya Ixil Chajul scholars.

Earth Day Activity and Workshop:

FullSizeRender earth day

Clean up community activity and workshop on nutritious foods and recipes with a shared meal

Science and Critical Thinking Workshop

FullSizeRenderboys chess

Chess Club for Boys and Girls

Bottle Gardens

17431682_10155975038749129_1571682692_o bottle garden

Organic compost bottle gardens at the Education Casa require careful watering and maintenance. Each student is responsible for their own bottle garden success. Seeds were provided by Seeds Programs International


Preventing Teen Pregnancy and Life Planning Workshop

FullSizeRender group

The Chajul NGO Friendly Spaces and a Peace Corp teacher sponsored this workshop on Life Planning and Preventing Teen Pregnancies.  The parents strongly supported this workshop for the twenty four Maya Ixil Chajul scholars at the Education Casa.

Maya Ixil Scholars Ak Tenamit Vocational Boarding School. 


All Five FIRST GIRLS Scholars successfully completed 8 courses in the first quarter.

The Maya Ixil Mobile Classroom is supported by Bright Star Philanthropy Partners.The mobile classroom is a van that transports the girls, a teacher, and male chaperone on the 15 hour trip to and from Chajul and Ak Tenamit.  Topics taught include safety at banos and bus stops, navigating the city, what to do if you are separated from the group, what to do in an emergency, where to eat and what to order from a menu, how to pay for your food, planning and making a budget for nutritious meals, with a stop at a market to practice safety, selecting and paying for food and clothing.

17761506_10213151492047237_2142735024_o on dock

Maya Ixil Ak Tenamit  Scholars, teacher and chaperone on the river dock in front of the girls’ dorm at the vocational boarding school Ak Tenamit, Guatemala.  The scholarships are sponsored by AMAChajul

Blue Sky Stewardship

Find out about AMAChajul’s exciting partnership with Blue Sky Stewardship, Montana in the next Blog.  Plans are underway for a Blue Sky Chajul ORCHARD. You will want to know about how you can sponsor a fruit tree in our new Fruit Trees Support Scholars opportunity.  

ECO -Volunteer where Ak Tenamit students do their Internships in Tourism. 

The RIOS FUND, GUATEMALA ECO-VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: You can change the world, live in beautiful riverside lodge and work with the Q’eqchí Maya to help them escape extreme poverty and protect their stunning rainforest valley. Teach English to Mayan students, study Spanish with our teacher trainees or bring your unique experience to help any way you can.

Bright Star Philanthropy Partners (BSPP) is a shared value community development initiative of Bright Star Grant Consultants. BSPP identifies and supports Central American indigenous leaders to realize solutions that they design and execute with BSPP collaborations, technical assistance, and grants. BSPP ignites peer grant maker, non-profit, and corporate actors to create shared value solutions in collective impact poverty alleviation.