Bright Star Philanthropy Partners


Central America

Bright Star Philanthropy Partners (BSPP) is a shared value community development initiative of Bright Star Grant Consultants. BSPP identifies and supports Central American indigenous leaders to realize solutions that they design and execute with BSPP collaborations, technical assistance, and grants. BSPP ignites peer grant maker, non-profit, and corporate actors to create shared value solutions in collective impact poverty alleviation and provides concept development, technical assistance and capacity building support for collective impact.

Non-profit Organizations

  • ASO-Ixil: Non-profit Association for the development of Maya Ixil, Guatemala is focused on economic diversity, food security and women entrepreneurs.
  • Seed Programs International: (501c3) provides technical assistance, seeds and agricultural supports for food security.
  • Seeds for a Future: (501c3) provides technical assistance, knowledge and resource collaboration.

Private Sector


  • Pablo Ramirez: Primary adviser for the revitalization and development of small holder coffee farms, agricultural technical assistance and development of networks and collaboration for collective impact.   He is a manager of ethical sourcing at Starbucks Coffee Company who also manages social impact investments.
  • Alex Larkin: Provides bilingual technical assistance, translations and edits. Email: holler@alexlarkin.org
  • Armando Alfonso: Provides bilingual technical assistance, publishing and cultural consultation.
  • Francisco Miguel Tavico Reynoso: Authored the tri-lingual anthology of Mayan legends and stories, The Time That Got Away from Us. It is downloaded free at. The publisher of the book is Bright Star Grant Consultants.
  • Laurie Levinger: Gives guidance in meaningful and effective place-based Philanthropy in the context of war violence trauma through case studies, best practices and lessons learned.

North America

Bright Star Grant Consultants

Our clients have included local, national, and international non-profits, universities, individuals, consultants, intermediaries, government agencies, and community groups with widely ranging needs, budgets and goals. You can choose from our full service menu to fit your budget and needs. Services range from fund development to strategy and development to initiative crafting and facilitation.  www.brightstarconsultants.com